New Blog and Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Welcome to Ultimate Stamina’s new blog. The blog administrator was changed so that I can offer more on this blog for all of you. So make sure to bookmark this site and look for info on training, nutrition, sport specific strength training, random thoughts, recipes, etc, etc, etc. I will also be posting some articles wriiten by sports medicine professionals and physicians. You will also get a look into my training and I continue to try to inch closer to marathon successes including trying to qualify for the US Trials.

Today started with some java and a look outside to see rain, rain, rain. I had a 20 miler to get in this AM. I drank my morning java, ate some baked oatmeal with peanut butter and headed out into the rain. Ran an 7 mile loop and stopped at home to get dry clothes on before I headed out for another 13 miles. Ran 5 miles to some friends house and grabbed some water and dry gloves and then headed back out for the last 8. Made one more stop at Grafton Chiro for some water and headed home for a total of 20 WET and COLD miles. It is amazing all the thoughts and feelings one has during a 20 mile run, there are good moments, not so good moments, and moments you just want to forget about. All in all I finished the last 2 miles faster than the beginning and middle miles so felt that the run went well. I am constantly battling with a permenant back injury (result of 2000 cycling accident where I broke my back) and my left leg going numb but because of my great medical support team, I am able to continue to train at a pretty high level. Kudos to great Dr’s.

So post run came in for Gatorade and waffles, followed by a few errands, back for egg white omelet in tortillas, a nap, computer work, Thin Mint ice cream and a PB granola bar…and looking like another nap coming up. I have learned that after these long runs, I need to let my body and back recover. Feeling ok all things considering except for my back and left leg but hoping that will get better as the day goes on. I am really psyched for Spring and being able to go run in the sun with shorts and a t-shirt. This winter sure has been “character building” and frankly I’m tired of it as most runners are.

So that is about it for today. Look for some articles appearing on the blog soon and I will leave you with my ultimate smoothie recipe.

1/2 c pomegranate cherry juice

1/2-1 c of kefir (probiotic yogurt drink)…find it at any grocery store usually by milk

1 c. frozen berries

1 sc. protein

optional banana if you need/want a few more calories



One thought on “New Blog and Lazy Saturday Afternoon

  1. Hey,
    LOVE the blog!!!
    Great to see you on Sat plowing through the rain. I thought the group was going to be the only ones out there.
    The rain was dissapointing after Thur and Fri’s day’s of spring bliss but in the end you can only get so wet. Once you are wet you are wet. (Sienfeld)
    I went 19 mostly alone. Not that I mind running alone but we should hook up in the next few weeks, it sounds like we are on a similar program (crazy) 😉
    GREEN BAY or BUST!!!!

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