OK, time for an update.

I figure it’s probably time for an update. I have had a little set-back with my ever challenging lower back. I had a great 20 miler 2 weeks ago and shortly after things went downhill. I have had some left leg weakness, lower back pain, and left foot numbness. So today I met with a great neurosurgeon and got great news in “no need for surgery” but also was told I need to have a few tests done and some anti-inflammatory injections into the troubled areas. It still looks like I will be able to race at the Drake Relays in late April and the Cellcom Marathon in mid-May. As long as  the anti-inflammatories do their job, I will be just fine.

What have I learned from this???? Well, I can’t be lazy in my recovery efforts after runs. Meaning I must stretch, ice, and stay on top of my core and glute/hip strengthening. It’s funny how mother nature reminds us of what we don’t tend to always do. Mother Nature can be quite cruel.

So the next week or two you will find me doing all my workouts in the pool (deep-water running) and trying to get some strength back in the left leg. I am so fortunate to have great doctors and physical therapist helping me through this and appreciate what they do for me so much.

But as I always tell others, we are never given more than what we can handle (even though I AM questioning this now). I have decided that as hard and frustrating and scary this is, it is only making me a stronger person and hopefully increasing my pain threshold which will be beneficial while racing and completing those ultra-brutal workouts.

So remember, be diligent in rehabbing all aches and pains.. Ice, rest, physical therapy, etc… it all pays off in huge dividends.

Happy training.


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