I bet you did not know…

So someone gave me a good idea… make a post of about your biggest secrets.. Ha, do I have any secrets? So here are a few things that most don’t know about me.

1. In my second life I plan to be a professional snowboarder

2. I could live on natural peanut butter (smooth), strawberry fruit spread, and a spoon OR fruit loops with vanilla soy milk

3. My favorite movie is Peaceful Warrior

4. I hate strength training  (but yes it is necessary) for all of us

5. I am writing a book

6. I miss the days of riding horses with friends till dark

7. Running is so much more than just a sport to me, it represents perserverance and determination and never giving up.

8. I love swedish fish “candy”

9. I really want a puppy

10. My dream job, running coach and doctor (well working on the 2nd by going to nursing school, I guess the next best thing)

More big news…. I will be starting at UW-Milwaukee this summer in pursuit of my second bachelors degree, a B.S. in Nursing, I am VERY EXCITED and feel totally committed to achieving excellence in the field and in the pursuit of obtaining the neccessary education. :0)


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