So just when you think things are stable, you get slapped in the face, spit out of a cannon, and tossed into a tornado. Then the weather calms and there is stillness on the front and you lay your head down. BAMMMMM the wind picks up, you start spinning and life becomes a storm brewing over the water. Life has an uncanny way of taking you out for drinks and then throwing you into the fire all at the same time.

March: weather cold, kitties gone, mom has surgery, NO money, over-budget, job hours low, no set schedule, parents mad, at least I’m running, great 20 miler, still no money, left foot numb, great support from medical pro’s, a few new clients, lots of client cancels, spine injections, parents don’t get it, trying hard, still no money, registered for school, ideas on payment?, hopefully running soon, core work, strength work, No Drake Relays and 10K instead, coaching change, excited for upcoming racing season, fun upcoming events with biz, NEED STABILITY.

Sometimes when we feel like we are in the center of a vicious tornado we need to sit down, take a deep breath, and ask for guidance.

I had the epidural spinal injection today, went as well as a big needle going into your spine could go. Dr. said I should be able to start running on Friday.  I am excited, at least I understand running and when I am not understanding life it certainly helps to understand the simpleness of a morning run.


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