Training again and planning forward…

Hi guys. All is going well and I am back on the road runing and training hard outside and in the pool. I have again had to re-tool my training plan and racing schedule leading up to the Marathon on May 17th. It looks like I will be doing the Badgerland Half Marathon April 11 just as a workout to practice some marathon pacing and then the Brown Deer 10K at the end of April. Then the Cellcom Marathon on May 17th. Then several 5K-10K’s and a Half over June-August while also training for Twin Cities Marathon Oct. 4. Then some XC races in Nov and Dec.

Wow, lots of fun stuff. I continue to realize and learn the importance of core strengthening and stretching. Trust me… it is soooo important. Don’t do the disservice and leave it out of your training. We can NEVER be too strong. I will continue to do core and run specific strength 4-5 days a week on top of my running and x-training. Fun times.

Things are a little overwhelming with the economy and such but I continue to remind myself we are never given more than what we can handle. I am really excited about the upcoming year. Grateful to have wonderful support from friends and my medical team. You guys are awesome and soooo appreciated.

Oh.. I tried something really yummy tonight for desert. 1/2 c oatmeal cooked in water, 1 sc espresso flavored muscle milk light, splash of soymilk, and handful dark chocolate chips. Really yummy.

Well I am basically exhausted and I can’t keep my eyes open. Night to all. Keep up the training and healthy lifestyle choices.



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