Kicking my butt and taking names

This week of training has been a challenge and somehow I am remaining in good shape even though I am running very few miles. I am spending 75-90 minutes in the pool water-running most days and am also back running outside. I am averaging about 2 hours a day of water-running/running outside and about 40-60 minutes of core and functional strength training daily. I am soooooooo looking forward to when I am strictly back to running outside and out of the pool on a daily basis. Pool-running takes planning that I am just not use too and miss the simplicity of just putting shoes on and heading outside and down the road.

Had a great dinner tonight. Veggie salad with arugula, diced carrots, red peppers, feta cheese, and flax chips with raspberry vinegrette dressing and a wrap with boca chicken, salsa verde, and melted mozz. …. followed that up with yogurt, granola, berries, and dark chocolate chips… oh and a glass of red wine.

Tom. will be a busy day. I am taking part in Career Day at a middle school in Grafton. Talking to 6-8 graders (about 150 total)  about my profession. Hmmm…. what will I say. Well, I guess just talk. Maybe I will make them workout :0). I will take some bands, exercise ball, etc…

The weekend looks busy. Long run on Sat. and a biz meeting and then a list of about 5 hours or more of work to do. Sunday it’s all about a easy AM run, clients from 9-12 and then more biz work. Looking forward to the weekend for sure. :0)


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