Fat Burning Tips

Fat-Burning Tips

Bone up on calcium rich foods: Individuals burned more fat and calories when they ate 1,000-1,400 milligrams of calcium per day…that’s 3-4 servings.

Eat more protein: Aim for 40% of your daily calories from protein and burn significantly more body fat compared to those that only consumed 15% protein and the same caloric volume each day.

Enjoy your java: The caffeine in 2 cups of coffee will boost your metabolism for 60-90 minutes after consumption but don’t add sugar or cream.

Utilize interval and circuit training: Doing 20 minutes of intervals reaching 80-85% MHR with burn 3 x more fat as those that stayed at one steady pace. Circuit training is an awesome way to get a complete workout. Do not rest between strength exercises and move straight from one exercise to the next in order to keep your heart rate up and maximize caloric burn

Embrace the hills: An individual walking 4 mph for 30 minutes blast of 12 percent more calories on a 2 percent incline and close to 35 percent more calories on a 5 percent incline.


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