Food Sources for Nutrients

Food Sources for Nutrients

Calcium: strengthens bones, tooth health, reduces risk of colon cancer, reduces risk for
osteoporosis, aids nervous system, and alleviates insomnia –  almonds, seeds, soybeans, kale,
broccoli, kelp

Folic acid: Promotes healthy skin, protects against parasites and food poisoning, helps ward
off anemia, helps ward off birth defects. – leafy greens veggies, carrots, fruit, cantaloupe,
avocado, beans, soybeans,

Iron: Aids growth, promotes resistance to disease, prevents anemia and fatigue – beans,
whole grains, oatmeal, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, green beans, raisins

Magnesium: Fights stress and depression boosts energy, helps burn fat – sunflower seeds,
green vegetables, soybeans, kelp

Omega’s: Fights heart disease, lowers bad cholesterol levels, reduces blood clot chances,
reduces risk of breast cancer, helps with rheumatoid arthritis, keeps hair, skin, and nails
healthy – flaxseed, seeds and their unrefined oils

Potassium:  Reduces blood pressure, increases cognitive thinking, helps body eliminate
waste – bananas, citrus fruits, cantaloupe, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, avocado, whole
grains, potatoes

B Vitamins: Improves mental outlook, aid in digestion, helps with migraine headaches,
strengthen immunity, increase energy, improve concentration and memory, and are great
for the nervous system – whole wheat, wheat germ, bran, oatmeal, whole grains, brown rice,
beans, soybeans, bananas, vegetables

Vitamin C: Accelerates healing, lowers blood pressure,  aids immunity, protects against
cancer, decrease cholesterol – broccoli, cabbage, green peppers, spinach, grapefruits, oranges,
papaya, potatoes, collard greens

Vitamin D: Helps build strong bones and teeth – Sunlight or a supplement

Vitamin E: Inhibits cancer cell growth, fights fatigue, prevents blood clots, lower blood
pressure, decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease – wheat germ, whole grain cereal, whole
wheat, nuts, sunflower seeds, leafy greens, and vegetable oils.

Zinc: Important for brain function, maintains body’s acid/alkaline balance, helps form
insulin – wheat germ, whole grains, sesame seeds, soybeans


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