Great run and car accident

Let’s start with the positives of today. AWESOME weather, great run in shorts and a tee, and new video links on my web site. Starting with the run. I did a 3 mi warm-up – 6 x :50 hills at 5K pace – 6 x 1:00 at 5:30/mi range and 2:00 easy – and finished the remaining with a easy cooldown. Run went great and NO back pain during the run. I ran quite a bit harder than I would usually run 2 days before a race but I am not really racing super hard on Sat. and only using the Half Marathon as a workout in preps for the May 17 marathon in Green Bay. Plus I found out a great friend is coming up to Green Bay with me and we are staying at her parents who are awesome. Yippee. Can’t wait.

Now for the bad part of the day… I was at Concordia, parked in the AT parking spot and was backing out. Out of nowhere came a car (which was already bashed in) from behind the dumpster. We hit pretty hard and I hit my head against the drivers window. No major damage on my car but her bumper was cracked. So insurance was called and they are in the process of reviewing and handling things. I have a killer headache tonight but other than that am ok.

So tom. is a pretty quiet day with everyone going on vacation for Spring Break next week. Good day for catch-up at the apartment and on the computer. Sat. I am running the Badgerland Striders Half Marathon as a hard workout at Marathon Pace. We will see what happens? But looking forward to it.

I tried something new tonight, rice pasta. It was pretty good and is gluten free. I am trying to cut a lot of gluten and wheat out of my diet. Just means more whole grains like quinoa, fruits, vegetables, protein and low-fat dairy. Now if I could only tame my crazy sweet tooth, I would be all set. Anyone have any Peeps ?

I am also going to try a little different training techique with my training moving forward. Less road miles and harder quality workouts. I will replace some of the road miles with water-running, cycling, and possibly some elliptical training. Hopefully the decreased pounding will preserve my back a bit. It’s all a delicate balance but well worth the sacrifices.

Well, I am off to veg-out on the coach and hope my head stops pounding ASAP. Happy running…



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