My “Higher Power” and the week ahead

Easter was great. Started the day with church, then brunch at the country club, then off to a Master’s Golf party. Crazy when you are having fun the day fly’s by. Sitting in church this morning I had this really relaxed great inner feeling. Kinda hard to explain, but I really want to make an effort to attend service each week. I have always told myself I run not for myself but for a higher power. Whomever that higher power is for you, it is cool to have that relationship. Sometimes I question the saying, “we are never given more than what we can handle” and lately I have questioned that more than ever. But today I had a little dialogue with my Higher Power and he reassured me to just keep moving forward. 🙂

I am now 5 weeks out before the marathon. Time to get serious about nutrition (fuel), recovery and rest (naps), and listening to my body (intuition). I am super excited that my great friend Annie is coming to Green Bay with me for the marathon and we get to stay at her awesome parents’ house.

So the week ahead will be filled with training, working, writing, prioritizing and some rehab and recovery. Here is the week’s training plan:

Monday: 8-10 mi easy; stretching

Tuesday: 8 mi with 5-6 x 800m in 3:15 with 2:00 recoveries; strength/core; PT; and stretching

Wednesday: 11 mi aerobic run; strength/core; stretching

Thursday: water running; strength/core; stretching and PT

Friday: 6 mi aerobic run; stretching

Saturday: 22 miles and stretching

Sunday: water-running; strength/core, stretching

Only 57 miles for the week but several additional hours of strength, core, water-running, etc. Saturday will be my last long run before the marathon and I am very glad to just have one more super long run for my body to handle. HUGE Kudo’s to my med. support team that has kept me training. You guys ROCK!


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