Classes, Clinics, and More

Some exciting upcoming training opportunities are starting soon with Ultimate Stamina.

Ultimate Stamina’s Women’s Triathlon Training starts Tuesday. We have several energetic and dedicated ladies that will be working hard towards both the Trek and Danskin Women’s Triathlons. I am super excited to get started and share some fun training gours with these awesome women. There are a few spots still available if interested.

Ultimate Stamina’s Eco Boot Camp will also start May 6 and run to June 12. Eco Boot Camp will meet Wed & Fri mornings from 5:30-6:30AM. Look for a full body strength and aerobic workout utilizing the great outdoors. For more info. visit or email me at

Form & Fitness Running 101 will start on May 20th and run to June 24. Running 101 will meet on Wednesday evenings at 6PM at Form & Fitness Grafton. Open to members and non-members of Form & Fitness and tailored to all ages and abilities. For more info. visit or email me at

Ultimate Stamina will also be running a High School Distance Running Camp later this summer. A two-day intensive camp focussing on ALL aspects of running including; injury prevention, sport specific strength training, motivation, nutrition, stretching, recovery tools and techniques, periodized training. A great way to get ready for XC season. Look for more info to come.

I will also be teaching a Transitions Metabolic Nutrition Class at Form & Fitness in Grafton. The class will focus on eating a low glycemic index diet and reducing the sugar consumed. Participants have had outstanding results from this 12-week class. Classes will meet on Mondays 11-noon. Participants will learn how to make lifestyle choices to improve their nutritional intake. Topics such as Grains and Your Health, Good Fat Bad Fat, Stress and Weight Gain, Get Off the Sweet Stuff, Mind and Body Connection, Exercise, etc will be covered. For more information email me at

Participants in the Transitions class will also have the opportunity to participate in semi-private personal training at a much reduced rate for the final 8 weeks of the class. I will be offering training times on Monday evenings at 6PM and Sundays at 11AM.


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