A Huge Mistake and Knee Surgery

Well, to say it has been a challenging week would be an understatement. I had knee surgery this week to repair some torn cartilege. It was suppose to be arthroscopic and a quick fix, well when he got in there he realized that he would have to open up the knee and it needed to be repair. So instead of having the cartilege snipped out, off crutches in a couple days, and be back to training in a few weeks….it is now crutches for possibly weeks, PT (thank the Lord I have the best PT (Rick Wagner/Body Renovation) on the planet, and no running for months. Frustrated, YES… Overwhelmed, YES…. in Pain, YES….Confused, YES… BUT it could be worse and I will try to stay positive and just work at everything I can do to heal it up as fast as humanely possible.

I am pretty amazed that I still can’t move around too much and that the knee seems very stiff but I know that it will get better.

On a happier note, the Ultimate Stamina Womens Triathlon Team are started their training for the upcoming TREK and Danskin Triathlons and are doing a great job. I am excited to watch these ladies progress in their training and become addicted to the multisport lifestyle. These ladies are dedicated, determined, funny, and full of attitude. Helping them with training is going to be a BLAST.

Also shouts out to my amazing friend, Sarah, who was diagnosed with MS several years ago and today celebrated her accomplishments walking in the MS Walk in Milwaukee. It killed me not to be there walking by her side but I was there in thought. She inspires me daily and I am sooo proud of her.

I also learned a VERY valuable lesson this weekend. When you offer services to someone and they repay you with services, make sure there is a TOTAL understanding of the agreement. I made someone very upset, hurt, and disappointed…someone that has been my biggest supporter and has offered me so much in allowing me to accomplish my dreams. Because of me not being honest, not understanding the agreement, and not knowing how to say NO, I messed up HUGE and now that person has to sufffer. Only way to make this right is to say SORRY and learn from my mistake. A mistake that will never be made again.


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