Yes, an update!

I sit here on a cool day in June, temps in the 50’s, rainy and I am thrilled to be watching the Prefontaine Track Classic on NBC. The knee is recovering well and I was excited to be able to take a nice long walk in Cedarburg this AM (with a hot cup of coffee to stay warm). I have been training on the anti-gravity treadmill down at Froedert Sports Medicine a couple days a week and am so grateful to be able to do that. I also plan to start Performance Enhancement soon.

I am having a blast coaching the Ultimate Stamina Tri Team as they prepare for their summer triathlons. These ladies are hard workers and are dedicating themselves to the multi-sport lifestyle.

Also having fun leading the Ultimate Stamina Boot Camp. .. 5:30 AM is early but this group is completely hilarious and so fun to work with. The commentary from the participants is priceless.

Some of you might know I am eating 100% gluten free (yes, that means wheat free too). It is going well and the daily stomach aches have diminished. Still having a few issues with extreme fatigue and lightheadedness but overall feeling so much better. I am training 2+ hours a day again and now just searching for the ideal nutrition plan for peak performance and optimal health.

I will keep the blog updated as I prepare for the late summer and fall races and upcoming Ultimate Stamina events which will include a High School Distance Running Camp, etc.



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