Don’t Try to Defeat Mother Nature…. Won’t Work

It’s been a long time since I have up-dated. Lots of mixed emotions, questioning, and searching for answers. I have decided to take the 2009 season off of any serious racing and/or training in order to get 100% healthy and ready to run some serious PR’s in 2010. Some nagging aches and pains have become some issues that need to be taken care of and the most important and smartest decision is to take some time off and get ready for the future goals. I am still staying in shape and training but just mixing some things up and trying to learn and become a more well-rounded athlete focussing on strength, mechanics, and dealing with muscle imbalances.

However some super fun things are going on and upcoming. The first Boot Camp session is coming to an end and another is starting. The next session will run from July 6-July 31 and will meet Mon, Wed, Fri … We ALL had a blast during the first Ultimate Stamina Boot Camp and I know many more fun times are in the future.

Ultimate Stamina will also be holding a 2-day Distance Running Camp on Aug 1 and 2… We will be covering everything running including warm-up, stretching, strength, different types of workouts, injury prevention, staying healthy, motivation, and will have some awesome guest speakers. The 2-day camp is $95 with discounts to teams of 4 or more at $75/participant.

More info:

Ultimate Stamina’s Distance Running Camp will develop the self confidence, motivation, and planning necessary to succeed not only in XC running but in all areas of distance running. Group and individual instruction will be provided to athletes in a fun learning environment. You will walk away from camp with the practical knowledge and techniques to incorporate into your successful racing season.
Mission: To make you a more efficient and faster runner by helping and guiding you in becoming a smarter athlete.
Topics to be covered:
*Mental and physical preparation & visualization
*Functional sports-specific strength and conditioning
*Core Strength and Postural Integrity
*Cross-training & low impact plyometrics
*Stretching and recovery techniques
*Injury prevention
*Hill training, lactate threshold, and VO2max
*Preventative medicine, how to stay healthy!

Cost:    2-day Running Camp – $95
Discounts for teams of 4+ – $75/athlete
Location: Grafton HS Track and Form & Fitness
Time: 8AM – 2PM Sat. and Sun.

Typical Daily Schedule:
8:00 – Checkin
8:30-9:30: First easy run of the day
9:30-10:00: Stretching and Snacks
10:00-11:00: Lecture Series
11:00-11:30: Games and Sport Specific Conditioning
11:30-12:30: Guest Speakers
12:30-1:30: Second up-tempo run with dynamic warm-up and drills
1:30-2:00: Post workout nutrition / Recovery Techniques

SO… new stuff is on the horizon. Also check out the new offerings on the web site at

Ultimate Stamina can help anyone looking to make gains in their training and overall health and fitness. For customized plans and a free consultation. Contact Cristin at


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