Do what you love!

Ok, so out running this AM I have decided that no matter what you might do well you have to do what you love. For me that is marathon training and racing. Yes, I CAN run 5K, 10K, etc but is it what I love… NO.  I love the distance, the endurance, pushing the body to it’s limts over a period of time. I run for so many more reasons than just putting one foot in front of the other. I run because I can, I run because I am to aware of what it feels like to not feel anything below your waist and wonder if you will be able to walk again, I run because of those who said I never would, and I run because I want to show others that life is way more than just money, status, and materialism. Running is about freedom, enjoyment, overcoming the obstacles and NEVER GIVING UP on your dreams! That is why I run!


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