Back to some training and running for a great cause!

I am actually back to training again (not running) but have been in the pool the last few days (water-running) and the knee is feeling really good. The back continues to be quite an issue but I have a great team helping in figuring what the best course of action is in order to help it. After talking to the doctors and my incredible coach, Dick – once back running I will be doing a good amount of my running on softer surfaces (trails, grass, the track)… that will help with the impact issues.

I am targeting a race in Feb. in AZ. (Pemberton 50K) My parents live in Scottsdale and the race is in Fountain Hill (about 20 min. away). I am hoping this works out because it would be an amazing experience and a huge accomplishment to finish strong.

I am also going to be running for a cause MUCH LARGER than myself. I will be posting all the info tonight but I can’t tell you hoe EXCITED I am about this upcoming experience.

Well off to work, training in the pool, and studying… New EXCITING announcement tonight !!! Have a great day.


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