Follow Your Passion

Good morning, hope everyone is doing well. Wanted to post a lesson I recently learned. Follow your dreams and passions and things will work out for the better. I have decided to nnot go back to school for a 2nd Bachelors in Nursing. After a lot of thinking, self searching, and praying for guidance and wisdom, I realized deep down that is not what I wanted but what others might have wanted for me. My passion continue to be helping others live healthier lives by incorporating a natural foods diet, exercise, and healthier lifestyle choices. I also obviously have a passion for running and assisting others with incorporating the passion for running into their lives.

When I door turns another door opens and that is what happened. I work for such amazing people at Form & Fitness and it looks like I will be allowed more responsibility at work which I a just so excited about. When you love your job and life, work is not work but something to love and enjoy. I am lucky to be able to see things this way.

Now hopefully others will view life a little more like this and a little less in regards to materialistic living.


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