It’s Fall!

Fall is my favorite time of the year and Summer is over. Sure does not feel like we had much of a Summer but now the trees will change and there is nothing better than a run or bike ride through the fall leaves.

There is so much going on and I am very excited on what the future holds. I have taken a full time position with Form & Fitness Health Club and Training Studio, I am so excited to be teaching the Transitions Lifestyle Program, this program is all about educating those in incorporating healthier choices and understanding the impact sugar has on the body, your weight, and overall health. I am also VERY excited about starting a Running Program and Club at Form & Fitness and am so excited to watch it grow.

Ultimate Stamina remains busy and sometimes has to sit on the after burner. I am in the process of starting to record some podcast, growing the coaching services available, and designing a book for the future. Never ever a dull second. Nonetheless exciting.

My training continues to progress yet at a VERY slow pace. The knees are good, back is regaining some strength despite not having sensation on parts of my lower left leg. However, muscle strength is getting better and I am hoping that within the next 30 days I can resume running. I am feeling ready.

Again I want to thank my amazing medical staff that provides the very best care to me and I am so grateful for their expertise.


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