Austin Marathon and MORE!

It’s great to be back out there running. Averaging about 8 miles a day and looking forward to getting a bit faster and fitter again. Looks like I will be running the Austin Marathon in mid Feb. in Texas. It is a marathon I have always wanted to do. My coach, Dick Beardsley and his wife Jill live down there and Jill is on the marathon board. It will be a great time. I will primarily be running the race as a hard workout and then targeting a spring/summer marathon as the “A” race (goal race). All in all, I am excited and looking forward to the training that will lead to the race.

I am also working on developing a new web site. This site will basically be a site dedicated to my training, racing, AMAZING sponsors, and other fun random training and endurance sports stuff. Hopefully I can help motivate you in your goals and dreams too.

Last but not least, I want to remind you guys that Spring Marathon training starts in Jan… that is around the corner, for those that are completing a Fall marathon it is time to relax and take some much deserved time off. For those that decided against a Fall Marathon, make sure to keep a good base so that once Jan. comes you are ready and conditioned to start training hard and smart. Coming in late fall/early winter will be several fun options from Ultimate Stamina for endurance athletes in regards to coaching and training opportunities.

Also, check out Form & Fitness Training Studio (Mequon) and Health Club (Grafton). The BEST place to achieve your fitness goals and get that much needed training in. I am working full-time at Form & Fitness offering personal training, nutritional guidance and direction, core classes/etc, and much more. Any questions about Form & Fitness let me know and/or check out their web site at …. NO place is better and offers more than Form & Fitness !!!!

If anyone has ANY questions on training, racing, nutrition, etc. Feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP. My email is

Stay tuned for the new web site, training resources, and updates on running for a GREAT cause, The Dick Beardsley Foundation,

Happy miles and hope to see you out there 🙂



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