Update on training

All seems to be going pretty well with only minor road blocks. The last 3 weeks have been solid 55+ mile weeks and I am starting to incorporate a little cross-training on the bike 30-50 min sessions and 10-15 minutes on the rowing machine. I am also starting to get together a performance enhancement functional strength plan which will help with core strength, coordination, mechanics, power, speed, etc.

I am excited for a winter marathon and then a spring marathon as well. I am also really making huge changes to my nutrition and fueling strategies. I have incorporated a gluten free diet for awhile and now plan to really limit all sugars from added sources. After some experimenting and researching I do believe that is the healthiest route and most effective route for optimal performance. It will just take some planning.

I am excited for the upcoming season despite some summer injury obstacles and after reading today at 83% of runners are injured each year, I hope to help other runners in pre-hab and performance enhancement so they don’t have to go through an injury set-back.

The next few weeks will start my marathon preparation for Austin in Feb. Very excited. 🙂


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