Flu Fighting Foods

As I sit at home infected with the flu I have researched ways to not get back into this miserable position. Here are some great flu fighting foods.

1. red bell peppers: 2 x the amount of vit. C than an organge.

2. sweet potato: high in beta-carotene and shown to decrease respiratory infection

3. almonds: high in vit. E, an antioxidant that can help boost immune system

4. pumpkin seeds: jam packed with zinc

5. garlic: immune boosting

6. ginger: contains gingerall which is a compound shown to fight infection

7. green tea: fights free radicals and is a powerful antioxidant

8. yogurt: full of probiotics, healthy bacteria that lines your intestines and fights off disease

So… go get some red bell peppers, back them or saute them with some diced sweet potatoes and garlic, add some silvered almonds and pumpkin seeds and enjoy…. Then for desert have a cup of yogurt and wash the whole meal down with green tea. Simple enough.


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