I Bet You Did Not Know… a little about Coach Cristin

5 words that describe me: Determined, Positive, Grateful, Entrepreneur, Perseverance

What makes me smile: My wonderful boyfriend, Randy and running at Lapham Peak

Perfect day? Awesome coffee -> Great long run -> Post Run Smoothie -> Working with clients/athletes ->  Nap -> Workout #2 -> Great dinner and wine with Randy

Want to explore more: Photography, Blogging, Board Sports, Nutrition (gluten free and low glycemic), Creating a Foundation

Favorite drinks: LaCroix and a great glass of Pinot Noir

What annoys me: Blatant disregard for the environment, Pessimistic behavior and attitude, The words “I can’t”

What I love about my job: Many things but in particular .. When my clients/athletes have that “aha” moment and realize their hardwork and healthier lifestyle choices are paying off. When people have that realization and I can be part of that transformation

Role Models: My parents and grand-parents

Runners who have inspired me: Dick Beardsley, Kara Goucher, Dena Kastor

My AMAZING support team: Dick Beardsley, Rick Wagner & Body Renovation, Dr. Mark Niedfeldt, Dr. John Lesko, Dr. Darren Werner & Grafton Chiro, Pearl Izumi, and Friends and Family

Favorite Pre-Run Food: oats with low sugar concord grape preserves or a power bar and java

Favorite Post-Run Food: super smoothie or latte and gluten free waffles/pancakes

Favorite Music: James Blunt, Prodigy, Jack Johnson, Three Doors Down, U2

Favorite Foods: Brown rice pasta and marinara, gluten free pizza, fish tacos, salads

Favorite season/holiday: Fall / Xmas

Cartoon: Scooby Doo and Winnie the Pooh

Movie: Devils Wears Prada, Team America World Police, Pre

Books: Born to Run, God on the Starting Line, Once a Runner, Staying the Course;Dick Beardsley



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