So Excited :-)

Wow, I can not even tell you how excited I am. I just registered for the 2009 Tecumseh Trail Marathon on Dec 5 . It will be a training run and so not to get too stressed but the trails are amazing there and the race is super fun. I am soooo excited. It looks like I will head down with some friends on Friday, race Sat., and then will head back after the race. Again, sooooo excited

Just means I need to take extra good care of the body and try to get over this flu/chest virus. I had a GREAT 2 loop (14 miler) at Lapham awhile ago and could not even believe I had so much fun on the trails out there, nothing more peaceful. Nothing.

Other than that, it’s just a super rainy day here. Headed to the club in a little while to train a bit before clients. Then home to organize and straighten up/figure out who’s on 1st and what’s on 2nd. Looking forward to dinner at COA tonight with Randy. Margarita anyone?

Have a fantastic day.



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