Updates and Excited for the Holidays

Just a little update. Things are going well. I am so grateful for great friends and awesome supporters of my running and training. The Tecumseh Marathon is less than 2 weeks away and other than a little heel pain all is good and I am excited to run a smart and fun “training” race. I am looking forward to running on Thanksgiving AM with friends in prep for a great meal with awesome friends later that day.

Also, watch in the near future for more information on the Dick Beardsley Foundation, a cause that I will be running for in 2010 and beyond. This foundation is so important to me and creating awareness is crucial. http://dickbeardsleyfoundation.org/

I have a lot of exciting ideas on creating awareness of this awesome foundation.

I am getting soooo excited to go to Arizona for a week over Xmas. Something really special about seeing all the decorations that Mom and Dad put up, java with Dad in the kitchen each morning, sharing music with Dad and listening to Xmas music, shopping with Mom and girl talk, amazing dinners prepared, running in the desert, and just some serious relaxing and chatting with the ‘rents. We are a close family and such great friends. The next 30 days can’t go fast enough.

I am also looking forward to getting a bit more adventurous in the kitchen with plans for 2010 putting together a combo gluten free / low sugar / vegetarian cookbook … Ultimate Stamina will also be putting together an e-book in 2010 full of training information, etc. So much in the plans for the future that some days my head just spins in circles (I always said I had eyes in the back of my head).

I look forward to also being a little more proactive in keeping this blog updated. Feel free to email me things and topics you would like to have covered ultimatestamina@gmail.com and I will do my best. Happy Thanksgiving week!

Run long, run strong



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