Elf 5K Race Report

What a great weekend this has been. Only thing better would have been to be with Mom and Dad but I was adopted for the weekend and spent time with such great friends. Today was my first race since a summer of knee surgeries and it went really well. The Elf 5K was put on by RACC and supports childhood cancer research and finding cures (can’t think of a better reason to run).

I left at 7AM, and it was cloudy and cold, after 30 minutes in the car I started driving into wind and torrential downpours, could hardly see the road. I thought to myself, “have I lost all sanity”. I just kept thinking this could be very character building and will make me tougher come next weekend at the off-road trail marathon. As I drove closer to Oconomowoc the rain lightened up a bit. Got to the race and was thrilled to see a ton of competitors. I know the race director and he is a super guy, so was sooo happy to see lots of racers and support for his foundation.

I went to register and realized that they would have close to 500 runners, again thrilled. Back to the car to grab my gloves and off for my 2 mile warm-up. Brrr it was chilly and there was wind, but the course looked great. Talked to some friends and did some strides and drills. Was chatting with Russ about 3 minutes before the race start and realized that my timing chip was back at the car (something that was mandatory for racing and for registering a time). My car was at least 200-300m from the start line and they had just announced less than 3 minutes to start. SHIT, off I sprinted to my car to get the chip and back to the start line with :20 seconds to spare and not nearly enough time to catch my breath. BANG!!! The start gun went off and I guess adrenaline took over.

My goal was to run the race at 6:20 something pace and to keep the mile splits consistent. First mile was 6:22 and I was feeling great, second mile was 6:31 and was still feeling good but I always lose focus in mile 2… I need to work on this and run more short races to work on maintaining focus and toughness.. I finished in 19:59 and ended up averaging 6:26/mile for the race. Overall I was happy, I have not done really any speed workouts and this is just on base training and very few fartlek/tempo runs. Goal is to break 19 minutes in 2010. I ended up 3rd in AG and 8th overall women with some REALLY speedy girls out there today. Congrats to all that raced.

Now it’s time to hydrate and rest this week. Still will run daily but less miles and hopefully a few naps to let body recover before the marathon on Sat. Goal is to win my AG.

As always want to thank my amazing sponsors and supporters. This can’t be done without you guys. A million thanks.


2 thoughts on “Elf 5K Race Report

  1. Congrats on a great time! And what a fun race report to read! Thanks for sharing. Best of luck with your marathon, I can’t wait to read all about it!

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