Merry Christmas Eve

Hi guys, hope everyone is really enjoying the holiday season with family and friends. I am in sunny Scottsdale AZ visiting my parents. Sure great to spend some time doing some R&R, shopping, and eating great food. Also lots of time to reflect. Reflecting on amazing supportive friends, 2010 goals, and possibly redefining some dreams. The last couple days have been a little more eye-opening than I had hoped for but what is, is what is, and what will be, is what will be. I am not blind to long journeys both on road and off road, so it will be just another journey.  All this is just not possible without my amazing supportive friends. Thanks to you all.

Some 2009 all-time favorites ….

chai lattes, running, yoga, java, newton running shoes, twitter, face-book, and blogging, performance enhancement, core stability and spinal mobility, sushi, salads with feta, pecans and berries.

Goals for 2010

whole foods, more tea and less java, yoga, building business networks, compression training apparel, multi-sport training, living simple, eco-concious, and minimalistic …

Surviving holidays without putting on pounds..

1. quality over quantity: eat high quality tasty meals and skip overly processed sugary treats and heavy cream based or fried foods

2. exercise: even in short 15-20 minute bouts .. every minute counts and will leave you energized

3. cherish great times with family…

4. journal. write down your goals, dreams, AND action plan to achieve.

5. relax, get adequate sleep, meditate, breathing exercises.. all important to keep stress low and cortisol levels minimal. Stress = weight gain

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS. 2010 will be filled with great blog posts and health/wellness info to take you far into the New Year. 🙂


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