Heading home

Today I head from to WI from being with my parents in AZ for about a week. Vacation was good and gave me some time to think and prioritize. I saw a couple amazing movies (Momma Mia and Julie & Julia), both were so awesome. Also ate amazing food (and a lot of it). But most of all I had time to realize that 2010 will be a year of simplifying. My personality has always been one that keeps me a bit to busy for my own well being. 2010 I hope to be able to simplify… my schedule, my mind, my surroundings, and my time. I hope to focus on what is most important and expand my happiness from the inside, extend my practices of yoga and spirituality, and support some amazing charities and foundations (Racers Against Childhood Cancer and the Dick Beardsley Foundation).

So I head home to chilly WI. Missing my amazing friends at home and looking forward to a move to Grafton in mid-January, a very cute studio apartment.I am also so excited for some very close friends to have their first child. Nothing so special than the gift of life. 🙂

Sooo much to do this next few months but will not forget that one must keep faith and remember to breath.

Check out the completely re-designed web site : Cristin\’s Web Site (click here)

Happy a wonderful day and if traveling. Travel Safe.


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