Crazy Yummy Salad… endless options

Tonight I was feeling pretty unmotivated to cook or search out dinner. Then stumbled to the kitchen and just started pulling things out of the refrigerator. Here is what was created. The endless option salad:

arugula, shredded carrots, salad cucumber, diced bell pepper, one light string cheese diced, handful dried cranberries, handful toasted pecan pieces, light raspberry vinaigrette, sprinkle of basil, and spattering of flax crackers broken up on top… was quite yummy, healthy and required no cooking and minimal chopping.

I have tried to preach that quality of food is so much more important than quantity.. so as 2010 starts, my nutrition will be focussed on quality.. “healing” foods will be really important and so that will mean more organic fruits and vegetables, limiting dairy, and consuming only grass fed/ hormone free organic turkey. I have started doing quite a bit of my own cooking and am enjoying it. When you make your own foods you are aware of what exactly goes into them. Food can hurt us and food can heal us… I am without a doubt headed to the healing pathway. Fell free to share healthy recipes, fun and healthy food finds and reviews or just random health and wellness tips. We are always students of wellness. 🙂


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