Some Experimenting

Hello readers. 2010 is going to be quite a journey, a longer journey than once thought but I know it will be character building and what does not kill us no doubt makes us stronger.

Some of the experimenting I am doing lies in the nutrition approach while other experiments lie more towards exercise. Here is what I am brewing up (no worries, coffee and espresso stay a mainstay in my life).

Nutrition: transitioning towards consuming more raw foods. That means great use of the blender and food processor. Think endless salad options, home-made soups in the blender, fruit salads, raw veggies and guacamole or hummus, home-made salad dressings and lots of smoothies. OK, not all raw… oatmeal, gluten free baked goodies and gluten free flax toast, etc… Cooking and processing can kill off nutrients and take out fiber. Both of what we need for wellness.

Exercise: a little more balance in my approach. For the time being I am incorporating a lot more time on the bike, trying to expand my practice in yoga, going to start experimenting with walking at an incline 10+% on the treadmill (after a recommendation and tip from my amazing sports medicine doctor, Dr. Niedfeldt), and starting Spring plan to get some instruction and guidance in the pool. SO, you might be thinking, “wow, that sounds kinda like triathlon training”. Well, that is right. I am going to get my feet wet and see what God has planned for me. A huge role model Desiree Ficker (an elite triathlete AND Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier).. has inspired me to believe that you can take both pathways.

Some might know, others might not but it appears that I will be having back surgery sometime in the next few months. Stemming from the cycling accident in 2000 where I broke my back, I have been living with spinal fractures for years and daily pain, despite training and running at a competitive level. I am left without a choice if I want to someday continue living an active life. I will have a spinal fusion and only hope that my physical strength is somewhere close to my emotional strength in helping me get through this overwhelming time in my life. I am very lucky to have the best down at Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona performing the surgery and now it is just a test of patience on getting the dates set for the procedure. I will then spend a few weeks in AZ after surgery and then return to WI for rehab. with my AMAZING Physical Therapist Rick Wagner at Body Renovation. Rick and his expertise has been what has gotten me through the last couple years and I can’t be more grateful for that.

So experimenting is in action. A list of goals for 2010 are being accumulated and I ask daily for the gift of patience… possibly my largest lesson to learn in 2010.


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