T-minus 2 days and counting…

Well the time has come to get the spine stabilized. Anterior/Posterior 2 level fusion surgery is on Thursday and today my parents and I spent a VERY long day at the hospital with consults with the surgeons, pre-op testing, x rays, and ending with a brace fitting which apparently will be my very best friend for the next 2-3 months. OK, the brace is HUGE & HEAVY (could it possible count as a strength training workout, wearing it?)  Can you say, BRAIN DEAD and totally OVERWHELMED. BUT… I am in great hands at Barrow Neurological Institute and all the surgeons, doctors, and nurses so far have been amazingly friendly and very supportive.

I have chosen 5 principles to get me through this hurdle and obstacle, and plan to focus on these daily as I recover from this surgery:

1. Positive attitude: negative thoughts require tremendous amounts of energy being zapped from ones body. Having a positive attitude will only conserve energy and allow that energy to be used for healing the mind and body

2. Understanding the purpose: the purpose of this surgery is to allow me to live with a lot less daily pain and discomfort. We are given obstacles and gifts in life. We must use the gifts given, be willing to make sacrifices necessary to use those gifts, and use obstacles to teach us patience and true understanding of our purposes.

3. Perspective: Obstacles always need to be put in perspective. While at Barrow Neuro Institute today I witnessed many individuals much younger than myself confined to wheel chairs and unable to use their limbs. It was scary and so very hard to witness and I can only count my blessings that I am not confined to a wheel chair.

4. Dedication: Being dedicated to complete recovery and rehab. will be crucial in establishing peak performance down the road. One needs not to be afraid to allow themselves time to recovery (this will be my hardest obstacle). Dedication to recovery is no less important than dedication to one’s training.

5. Perseverance:  One can never give up no matter how bad it hurts or how overwhelmed you become. Running and persevering through the pain has taught me that setbacks are only set-ups for comebacks. The next couple months could be challenging but the thought of one day now having to wake up and go to bed in pain makes it so worth while. I am tough and will persevere through this just like any race I have ever run.

So I hope that others can use some of these same principles in their everyday life and obstacles. Again we are never given more than what we can handle.

Now it’s time to count my blessings and on Thursday take a little nap while some steady hands take many years of daily struggle away.


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