An Update

A little update…

Saw the neurosurgeon today. He is pleased and seriously can’t believe I am dealing with the pain with just Tylenol… It’s not easy but way better than side effects of the pain meds. He explained that I have 14 screws, 2 plates, and a couple spacers between the vertebrae (to replace the discs) and a couple rods. The pictures that he showed me totally freaked me out. The Dr. claims be had to basically rebuild that area as all the bony material was spongy and absolutely all the ligaments were trashed as he said.. YIKES. He also has me nicknamed “bionic runner girl”. He is happy with how things were able to be stabilized and says that I will be able to return to running once it heals without worry of messing his work up. He plans to see me on Feb. 16th (in 2 weeks) and fingers crossed I can come back to WI on Feb 17th.

He is going to email me some pictures of my spine, so will share when I get them.

I am doing so so.. taking tylenol is tolerable but not fun and I am still pretty much stuck to bed rest and a few walks per day. But if I think of where I was a week ago, I am pretty amazed. I am totally amazed just how weak one can become in a matter of 10 days. I am basically good for watching TV and short computer engagements. YIKES

Will keep you posted and a HUGE thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, wouldn’t be able to get through this without you.


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