Now recovering at Mom & Dad’s house. The pain is not too bad in the back but the back’s of my legs (lower hamstrings/calfs) continues to scream, mostly likely nerve irritation and swelling around the nerves from the trauma of the surgery. Last night had a mini cry session, not worries only lasted a few minutes. A combination of being lightheaded, legs killing, feeling helpless and the reality of the long journey ahead of me. Kinda crazy.. was running a marathon exactly 2 months ago and now walking with a walker, how things change in a flash. I miss my independence. Eternally grateful for my parents as they have been nothing short of AMAZING in helping me recover and providing awesome support. Thanks parents. I have sure realized how much we can take for granted in our everyday lives. I’ve also had time to think about the future. Nothing like this kind of experience to realize that it’s so important to live life to it’s fullest. To enjoy each day, be productive, and follow your dreams. I plan to use these lessons to dictate my future. I want to waste less time and live “fully”. I’m really lucky to have such amazing friends, family, and medical support (you know who you are)…I honestly feel I have had an awesome surgeon, it was scary going with a neurosurgeon that I had only met once before but I could not be happier with the care and I know he is one of the best. So very fortunate.

Today is 15 days since surgery. In some ways the time as gone fast and other ways the days are becoming long. They tell me the first month is brutal. There are times I wonder what they are referring to as things don’t seem to terribly bad but other times I pray to get through the hour. It’s been quite a journey. I continue to remain positive despite the pain knowing that the more positive I am, the quicker the healing process. Really this life changing experience has taught me alot already and I know that the lessons have just begun. I’m excited for the future knowing my spine is stable for the first time in many years and knowing according to my surgeon that I will have so few limitations once healing occurs. This makes me feel so fortunate and lucky. So many are dealt some bad cards in life. I’m fortunate mine are minor and temporary in comparison to others who have it much worse. So go out there and live life to it’s fullest, enjoy each day, and don’t take life for granted. Keep smiling, that’s the greatest gift to give to yourself and others.

Make it a great day,



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