Just another obstacle, but I will overcome it too…

I am grateful I am progressing each day. The pain is more tolerable and the nerve irritation in the legs is now completely controlled by some meds just until the swelling subsides. So to that, a smile is shown. I had a little set-back the other day though, I have somehow developed a blood clot in my arm. That pronounced ropey vein protruding from my arm is not a result from dehydration or weight loss as once thought and after several days of watching it not go away I informed the Doc. Off I went for an ultrasound and sure enough I have a confirmed blood clot. So today starts 7 days of injections into my stomach to dissolve the blood clot in my arm. Great times, let me tell you. I must say I am starting to feel like a science experiment and getting really tired of being poked, prodded, and scanned … on top of that they wanted to draw more blood. So today also included a trip to get blood taken. What a journey this has already been and I have a feeling the journey has just begun. BUT … remaining positive and grateful.

I am really excited to be able to take a couple daily walks outside without a walker and believe it or not I am starting to feel normal walking. Soooo exciting. My balance is coming back and leg strength is slowly coming back too. It’s AMAZING how much muscle and strength you can lose in a couple weeks. Totally has blown my mind. I also can’t believe that I am turning 31 years old in 5 days.

I must say I LOVE the weather here and am planning over each of the next several winters to hold a couple 3-day training camps in AZ. It’s absolutely beautiful here with highs around 70 and lows around 50. Perfect training weather. A 3-day experience to get in some mindful thinking, fitness, and a huge dose of Vit D from the sun. I hope to talk and possibly meet with someone that my parents know and owns a beautiful retreat location about the possibilities of a training camp next winter. Stayed tuned for more on that but I am very excited about the possibilities.

I have taken a few pictures (armed with my iphone while taking my daily walks). These pictures are a combo of my parents home and neighborhood. Again, an absolutely beautiful place to relax.

The peak to the far left is Pinnacle Peak … a great workout running up to the top. But not this time!

As you can see, AZ is just about the perfect place for a mid winter reprieve from the cold Midwest. Just wish I was not here recovering from spine surgery and instead here training in the beautiful AZ landscape.

Well that’s all for today. Looks like if all goes well and no more set-backs I will be flying back to WI a week from tomorrow. Dad is flying back with me and staying for about a week. Will miss AZ but looking forward to seeing friends at home in WI.—-Cristin


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