Getting better with a positive attitude!

Just a quick little update on the recovery journey. The pain is getting a bit better each day and I am so grateful for that and the ability to move around a bit more easily each day. I am now able to sit upright for an hour or so at a time and something so simple all of a sudden is appreciated so much. It’s pretty amazing how exhausted I get from doing little to nothing but reading and working on the computer but I know that will improve each week.

I can not even express how lucky I feel for the opportunity to have had this surgery, have my spine stabilized, and to have had such a great surgeon (Dr. Randall Porter) doing the surgery along with his team of other surgeons. I currently have just post surgical pain, a completely different type of pain than I had prior to surgery. And I have regained some feeling in my lower left leg. Simple things that to me feel like miracles.

I am now taking daily injections to dissolve the blood clot in my arm and while it is still noticeable from the vein protruding I do think it is getting better each day. The injections make me really tired and nauseated but I guess the alternative of letting the blood clot go to my heart, is not the most intelligent option. I now know why Trader Joe’s sells gluten free ginger snaps… so that Cristin has a remedy for around the clock nausea.

I am also super stoked to report that I am walking a total of 40-45 minutes a day, broken up in a couple walks, outside and without the walker (or Bentley, as my Dad named it). Walking feels good and is without too much pain, another small miracle. I must say walking in the AZ 70 degree weather is beautiful and upon returning to WI, I am going to have to bundle up and get that cup of hot coffee ready for my morning walks. But I am right at the top of where the surgeon had the goal set for activity, so that keeps me motivated and excited.

I am super excited to watch the Olympics (great timing as I seem to be getting a lot of TV time in), my dreams still lives strong. My surgeon has assured me I will make a complete recover and have almost no limitations on activities once healed. I know with the right attitude, perseverance, determination, and the amazing support I get from others, I will come back not only stronger but with more courage and perspective.

I am so excited to get home to my awesome friends, amazing clients and athletes, the world’s best medical team and a complete new beginning I have been given. Miss you all and sending hugs!



One thought on “Getting better with a positive attitude!

  1. Glad to hear your recovery is going well.I have DDD in my lower back and bulge in L5 s1 that is getting to be in bad shape but i’m plugging along training for my run across A rizona march 2nd.Not sure how much longer my disc has but probably not long,plan on talking to my sports med doc when my run is over and look at all options ,getting epidurals now but they only work for a week or so mainly because i’m training so hard.just started my taper and will get another injection about 10 days out from my Arizona run.I,m very curious about your surgery because ive been told i might need fusion and i dont know any runners who run after that type of surgery,maybe their out there i dont know but will keep up on your recovery and hope you get back to running and a active life again…Good Luck ! jeff

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