The face shining on you!

Happy Valentines Day to all! Can’t believe it’s my 31st birthday, yikes. So much I still want to do in life, I better get going!

We went to church today. My parents friends and church has been sending so many prayers my way, and I wanted to thank those praying. I also wanted to thank God for watching over me.

Trading Faces

In life we sometimes can almost forget who we are deep inside our souls and hearts. We can get caught up in trying to be yet another face, a face from the media, a face in a magazine, a face we correlate with success; and in turn we forget who we are. With Facebook (and I am not putting down this social media outlet) we have the ability to “externally” create ourselves. We can post pictures that we like and delete ones that we don’t, we can make up profiles expressing ourselves as we want to be known. We can connect with those that we choose to and disconnect with those that we hope not to communicate with. Is this the true meaning of showing our face? Do we search deep within ourselves to find our true selves.

In addition to social media, far too often we get caught up in what we think we need to be. Success, wealth, power; what do these mean? Are these status symbols or a definition of ourselves? What about making others smile, inspiring, and motivating. What makes each of you smile and feel fulfilled with your day? When you come home from a long day at work, leave for work while it’s still dark, or are falling asleep at night; what really matters? Are you in touch with your true self or are you constantly trying to be someone else. Maybe it’s time for you to search a little deeper, ask your “Higher Power” to guide and direct you, for he is who created you.

The face shining on you is the individual that can see deep within you. Someone that can see what God has created and someone that sees who you are and not who you want to be.

Life is too short, we have all been given so many blessings from God, he has watched over us through thick and thin and guided us in the direction of prosperity. Sure we have all had some obstacles placed in front of us, yet at those times it is important to look above and ask for strength and courage. When we believe, we will be blessed with what we desire.

So go out and be yourself, do what you love, cherish what you have, and remember that the face shining on you is the face that sees who you are and loves you for what is deep inside your soul.

Much love for those that I inspire and those that have shined upon me.



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