Just a short update. I am working on some training tip blogs, so look for those in the next 3 days. Life is progressing and I am starting to get a bit frustrated with what I can’t seem to do effectively (bending, lifting, etc). However, I am super excited to start PT with my amazing PT, Rick, in the morning. I know once I start rehab. things will get better.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Running shoes: Asics, Newton, Pearl Izumi

Movie: Julie and Julia & Team America World Police

Meal: Salads with avocado, peppers, carrots, tomato, pineapple, feta, and a roasted red pepper vinaigrette with a side of sweet potato fries

Strapped on an island (3 things): iphone, running shoes, and coconut water

Music: James Blunt, Linkin Park, U2

Wine or Beer? Wine all the way.

Biggest inspiration: Those that believe in me and have stayed behind me

Coffee drink: Americano or Roobios Tea

Book: God on the Starting Line by Marc Bloom & Better Faster Stronger by Eric Heiden

Dream: Represent the USA in Running

I just want to thank again ALL my amazing friends, family, medical support, and all those that have sent me thoughts, prayers, and best wishes. You are all very special and mean the world to me. Thanks


One thought on “Favorites

  1. Yeah, you’re back!!!
    Have been thinking about you….and must warn you that I have been very very bad during your time away from training. You will find, shall we say, raw material when we resume our training schedule.
    You sound well…and your spine looks rather reinforced!
    See you in spring. Stay well.

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