The journey continues :-)

Hi, just another update before I get set to blog about some training and health topics. The back continues to have good and not so good days. The great news is that I am not feeling the same pain as I was before surgery. This pain is totally different and is just post-surgical pain associated with the healing process. I am very thankful for the increased feeling I have gotten in my leg since surgery and the increased strength. Thank you Dr. Porter, a truly amazing surgeon.

I have begun PT with Rick @ Body Renovation and that is going well. We started some strength stuff and even though it feels like I am starting from scratch, it is comforting to know that my spine is stable now. As my running coach, Russ, has said..once healed I won’t have that fear of instability and increased damage. I got into the swimex ( 600t.html ) therapy pool yesterday. The pool is kept at 85-90 degrees which awesome since I am always freezing cold. I am in a flotation belt and then bungy corded to the front and walk/run against the current that is adjustable. It’s a great way to use those running muscles, build strength, and yet have no impact. Very grateful I have use of this thanks to my running coach Russ.

So all in all, things are going well. I am amazed how exhausted I get and how “out of it” I still feel (no, I am not on a lot of drugs)… I guess just part of letting body deal with the trauma of the surgery. But frustrating.

I am also really trying to change my nutrition to help my body get as many nutrients as possible. Working on putting an actual nutrition protocol to help others too. Well, I am off to do some rehab. right now. Then it’s all about watching the Olympics and more blogging. Very inspiring watching the Olympics ( the dedication, determination, perseverance, and sacrifice is really a testament of what makes an athlete successful) and makes me extrememly motivated to rehab so I can get back to being an athlete in training.

Hugs to all.



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