Well I must say I am a lucky person. I have such awesome friends that continue to guide and direct me to better health and to follow my passions. You guys know who you are and I am so grateful to have you in my life. It is not without a lot of thinking, patience, determination, and belief that I will be able to pursue those passions. There comes a time in one’s life where you are stopped in your tracks and humbled by your reliance on others. For myself this has been extremely difficult. I am fairly stubborn and don’t like to rely on others but through this was offered no alternative. Even today (almost 6 weeks after the surgery) I am doing to much, trying to accomplish more than capable of, and frustration is boiling. BUT… I was reminded again today by a great friend and Physical Therapist that I just have to give it time, not rush what can’t be rushed, and to cut myself a little slack and allow my body to rest. Rest meaning actually lay down and turn the brain “off”. Something I have a hard time doing.

On a separate note, I have realized during the last several months that there is a part of me missing. One can only turn away for so long, until that passion and image won’t disappear in your mind. It’s now time to follow that dream, continue the memories of the past, and be grateful for the gifts we are given. Thanks Chrissy for your guidance and direction, you are the greatest.

So now I move forward. My life list continues to be filled and I have so many exciting things to accomplish, each with their own wonderful moments and enduring struggles. They will all make me stronger, happier, and completely fulfilled.


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