Sometimes you just need to hear nothing…

I realized today that there are times when it is good to hear nothing and think very little. One’s thoughts and worries can overcome the mind to where you simply pile more on, in order to run away from reality. There are those that create stress in hopes to become less stressed and there are those that don’t allow themselves to become less stressed because of the fear that they simply won’t accomplish their commitments. When in reality one just needs to hear nothing and think little.

Today on a walk in Cedarburg where I purposely did not take a phone or ipod, my goal was to hear nothing. I wanted a break from thinking and I simply wanted to just be nowhere. During my walk I realized something ridiculous. I often feel I don’t have time to just go for a walk without hearing, thinking, or worrying yet I somehow find the exact (or more) time to workout while stressing if I am training hard enough for my goals. Why, I asked myself is it that we don’t take the time to realize that it’s our stress that is making us unhealthy and unhappy. It is our lack of hearing and thinking nothing that is keeping us up at night and causing us to take for granted what we have. When was the last time you just went for a walk. Turned ALL technology off, tuned out all distractions and just put one foot in front of the other with no destination determined.

On today’s walk there were no goals, times, distances, or places decided upon. It was just an experience. An experience of hearing nothing, going nowhere, and using my mind only to enjoy what surrounded me. I have now challenged myself, not a challenge that will create stress, a challenge that will connect my mind with my body. Several days a week, I will walk. It will not be a workout, not a destination event, not a time to create a “to do” list, and not a time to figure out life’s questions. Currently I have a lot to learn, the obstacles are seeming insurmountable and my lack of strength is frightening BUT this newly defined experience will be a time to be grateful. A time to just be…

There are times in life when the hurdles seem to high to jump and the waters seem to large to cross. It is these times that you must, just be. You must realize who you are, where you are from, and not hide behind who you want to become; because in reality, life is not a destination it is an experience.


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