Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Approach

Well, tomorrow I am going to start a 4-week trial on myself. No bread, processed flour, sugar (other than natural found in fruits and some dairy), and will be limiting dairy (other than yogurt and some milk). I will be eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein (fish, chicken, eggs),  grains (only including rice, quinoa, and gluten free oats), protein smoothies and nuts. I will also be drinking a min. of 60 oz. of water daily. This is to test my training and recovery while cutting out foods that feed and increase inflammation in the body. I will also be cutting coffee consumption to 1 travel mug in the AM and then sticking to herbal teas and water for the remainder of the day.

So, if I bite your head off or seem out of sorts… we can blame the first week or so on my body being in a state of shock. OUT with the sugar and processed flour grains.

I have done hours of research, talked to a number of health care professionals, and have witnessed very competitive athletes have GREAT success with this diet in terms of recovery, performance, and achieving the lean body mass that enhances health and performance.

I personal LOVE sugar (will blame that on my Dad, we share a huge sweet tooth).. so this will be quite a challenge. But, I am now eating chicken, fish, eggs, and tofu so this should not be impossible. I will try to include recipes and product reviews as I move forward over the next 4 weeks (and hopefully a life-time).

PS .. I am NOT perfect, there might be an occasional instance where I will indulge in something not along the lines of this plan, if so just remember we are all human.

Look for yummy recipes and random thoughts on this approach to come…. happy cooking 🙂


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