A VERY lazy day…

Yes, we are human. Some days we eat too much, don’t exercise, and indulge in more sugar than any one person should consume in a week. Today is/was one of those days. I did go out and take part in a 3 mile walk for breast cancer research with some friends which was super fun and for such a great cause.. then decided to just come home eat far too much, be lazy laying on the couch, and most likely not partaking in my workout this afternoon. I am struggling with the frustration of not being able to throw a pair of running shoes on and less than an hour later having had a great workout. Running is such a simple and amazing sport and lately I feel as if all forms of rehabbing are becoming so overwhelming and time consuming. Not that they are that difficult, it is just that they are not as simple (as running)…

Cycling, yes a great sport and fun, takes preparation and considerably longer to get the quality of workout compared to running. Water-running, great but unfortunately can only be done when pool is available, elliptical I simply hate, walking is great but again the time is enormous to cover the same ground as compared to running. So, yeah…I can not even put into a word how much I simply miss running. I am trying so very hard to get back to that point, with following rehab. to a “T” and just praying that I can start running soon. Dr. says at 12 weeks but it’s ultimately up to both the Dr. and my PT.  I just hope they realize that it’s something I want so much back. We NEVER realize how important something is to us until it is taken for a lengthy amount of time.

So we are all human, we have days that are great, we have days that simply pass by, and we have days that we want to just get through. It’s been a bit over 9 weeks since surgery. Dr. says a possibility of 12 weeks to “the real deal” running … my fingers are crossed and I remain completely hopeful. Sure hope my Higher Power is on the same page as I am.


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