Busy week ahead

Today felt a little run down, not sure if rehabbing is catching up to me or I am simply trying to do too much, but the week ahead is loaded with important stuff. Rehabbing, Ultimate Stamina brochures getting printed, car decal getting ordered, and did I say REHABBING. I am getting closer and closer to being able to run again and that really inspires me to stay focused on working hard at recovery.

Took a short walk in Cedarburg today and these pictures simply say why I love it here. What a cool place to be, coffee shops, independent specialty stores, parks, and memories of growing up here (going to the candy store with friends as kids, getting ice cream at the Chocolate Factory, riding our bikes, and my daily runs through downtown). So looking forward to those daily runs again soon.

Yes, these are all pictures taken in Cedarburg, WI.  Quaint and quiet yet always plenty to do and NOTHING beats an super early AM run through downtown where you feel as if you are in some European village lined with coffee shops.

Looks like a combination of time in the swimex, increased mileage of walks outside, more PT exercises and some time on the treadmill. Plus plenty of stretching and resting. So excited to get back to work and somewhere find the energy that still eludes me. Allowed back to work towards the end of April.

I hope everyone enjoys the warmer weather this week and make sure you get some exercise in. Great options are a walk outside (Vit. D too), bike ride, a trip to the gym, run around the block a couple times, or head to a yoga class. Just get your body moving and blood circulating. Have a great Monday 🙂


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