A little update on post surgery rehab.

Well it is 10 weeks today since the spine surgery. In some ways it feels like the time as gone fast (feel happy with how far I have come, knowing how I felt just 6 weeks ago) However it’s feels like an eternity since I have run. I can honestly say I am having to get use to my “new” back. It just feels different. Not painful just completely different. Some days I kinda wonder who’s body I am in. New ways to bend and in the AM it takes a little while to not feel uber stiff. All of that should get better. I am also realizing that my mechanics (the way my body moves and the ways that the muscles are utilized) feel completely different. Not necessarily bad but something that will really need to be addressed and worked through.

Pain is minimal but energy is still really lacking. I tried not taking any naps the past 2 weeks. REALLY bad idea. By Fridays body feels like a mac truck slammed into it. So next week will back off training a little and carve out time for mid-day sleeping. It’s so true that the body heals when we are asleep. … Duh, Cristin.

I am however thrilled to be walking up to 6-8 miles a day (broken up into 2 walks) and doing some water-running, biking, etc.. All things considered I am ahead of schedule. (But not entirely sure there is a schedule). I am just grateful for my amazing medical support and the technology and surgeon that stabilized my spine.

So, to leave you with one last thought. Listen to your body. I am riding a bit with my running coach in the AM. We are going to ride the duathlon course. Friends are going riding in the afternoon. I so and was planning both BUT my body is just physically, mentally, and emotionally spent and exhausted. So I am going to call off the 2nd ride. In the past I would NEVER have done this. I would have gone out and depleted myself more. As we get older, we become smarter athletes. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and know when to call it quits.


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