A New Plan

Well after a week of doing 2 daily hour walks, a workout on the bike, pool, etc and rehab. exercises/PT..I am exhausted, legs are beyond tired and I am on the verge of over-training syndrome  SO… a new plan according to my coach.I am soooo excited now to just take one daily walk of 75 minutes or so, one additional workout (pool, bike, etc) and then daily rehab./strength/perf. enhancement exercises. I know it still sounds like a lot and it is BUT it is way better than 2 daily walks and all that stuff. We tried and some people can handle some things and others can’t. I still feel ahead of where I thought I would be 6 weeks ago.

Today I had a great rehab/training session:

Training: another milestone, Rick said I could try incline treadmill walking
15 min warm-up working up to 4.0 on treadmill at .5%
5x (5:00 at 4.0 mph and 4 % incline with 2:00 recovery at 4.0 mph and .5%)
5:00 cool-down at 4.0 mph and .5% incline

60 min of functional training and rehab exercises .. lunges, core, strength stuff, stretching, balance, etc
20 min easy walk at 4.0 mph and .5% incline

I was pleased to not have any pain walking at the incline and look forward to doing a bit more of that this week. With the weather looking rainy, it looks like I will be on the treadmill a couple days this week. I am really excited to get to start doing more functional strength and perf. enhancement as rehabbing continues.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER. 🙂


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