Yoga for the Mind

Happy Easter to everyone. Yet another major milestone went really well today. I attended my first yoga class since before surgery. I was SUPER nervous but excited and it went awesome. I made lots of modifications to the poses and realized just how much muscle strength is needed in yoga practice. But no pain 🙂

I realized something today. Yoga can be so much more for the mind than for the body as a workout. Trust me, I worked hard but there is a special peacefulness and power I gain from yoga practice. Something not gained in anything else I do. I guess it is an awareness of breath and breathing through the movement of the body. Many laugh at me and claim I don’t breath enough while working out..might be true, I guess some people utilize their ribs and breath more than others. This is not a strong point of mine that I hope to change.

What do I love about yoga?

• it is not competitive, each individual practices mindfully within their comfort zone

• peacefulness and power I feel after

• the openness I feel after, kinda like someone drained out the tension within my body

• helping me feel capable

The capable part… well that leads to helping me feel I can overcome obstacles. The inability to run right now and pursue to passion is really tough and overwhelming. There are times it feels almost unbearable and yoga reminds me that I am capable of overcoming the mind’s pain.

I plan to incorporate yoga each week into the rehab. and eventually training plan. If not for body, it will be for the mind. BUT they are connected, so I guess that means a double positive.

Have a wonderful week. Each day starts a journey that can be cherished or avoided. Cherish it, love what you do, and put a smile on someone’s face.

Happy Journey, Cristin.

PS: Thanks to Todd at Yoga One in Cedarburg for a great practice today. 🙂


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