Good start to the AM

A good start to this morning as I was able to get into the swimex and water run for 70 minutes. I was feeling REALLY sore and stiff and woke up several times because of that during the night. The 88 degree temp of the swimex pool felt good on this rainy chilly AM and while water-running I started to feel less stiff. Amazing, when you are in a aqua jogger belt and weightless how great one can feel. Then out of the swimex and home to make a protein smoothie. Great new recipe.

8 oz. chocolate muscle milk light (I buy it by the case at Costco, they look like little juice boxes)

1 frozen banana

4 frozen strawberries

tbsp natural PB

Blend and enjoy… probably about 400 cal. and over 20g of protein 🙂

Now it’s to get some rehab and then to my 2nd workout of the day. 3 Workouts today … all rehabbing 🙂 I plan to have a date tonight with the foam roller and The Stick… will blog later today about the benefits of both recovery tools. For those broke athletes that are trying to just get by, we can’t afford weekly massages but put our bodies through a lot of trauma. Hence, foam roller and Stick become our friends. 🙂 Have a great day.


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