The Stick…great training & recovery tool

What is it?

1. Something to beat someone with

2. A rolling pin for your favorite cookies

3. Ok, fine… could be both of the above but better used for muscle recovery

The Stick has become my go to device for muscle recovery after long days training and rehabbing. When you can’t afford those daily massages and who can? The Stick does a pretty good job filling in and helping your muscles recover from the trauma of the days training. So what is it? The Stick is made out of space-age plastic to allow for necessary flexibility. The center rod is surrounded by spindles which roll over the muscle.

The muscles need light exercise to raise the muscle temperature. The Stick allows muscles to warm-up without expending energy reserves, ideal for those getting ready for a hard workout or race. Rolling out the muscle is a form of “stripping” massage, something shown effective for a very long time.

Benefits of The Stick

• Flushes out lactic acid within muscles after glycogen breakdown and energy utilization

• Helps to increase flexibility

• Reduces muscle soreness

• Accelerates muscle recovery

So you ask how to use the Stick? First, keep muscle relaxed while rolling out. Use directly on the skin or through light clothing. Make 20 (passes) over the muscle or approximately :30 seconds of gentle massage. You should not cause pain. There might be some tenderness but it is NOT necessary to cause pain to get a benefit. You might find a trigger point (painful knot which restricts blood flow) within the muscle. Focus on that area and make an additional 20 passes over that area. The Stick is best used before, during, and especially after workouts.

Many local running specialty stores and bike shops carry The Stick or you can find online at numerous retailers. I would recommend the Marathon model at 20″ it is perfect to fit into a suitcase or training bag and yet long enough to work well on all muscles.

Take my advice, the $32 you will spend on this training and recovery tool just might be the best $32 you spend the whole season. Happy muscle rolling and  recovering 🙂


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