As I sit here watching Survivor (the TV show) part of me would LOVE to be on the show. There is just something intriguing and challenging , something very cool about this show. Like the immunity challenges, there are daily challenges..some easier than others. But all must be accomplished. The 12 week mark since surgery is approaching next week. I have done EVERYTHING and then some in my power to rehab and recovery from this and am looking forward to some firsts next week (the 12-week mark) 🙂

(photo taken from

I am also having fun experimenting with what I call my “mix-ups” …

Salads: basically whatever I have in the fridge.. always includes leafy greens, shredded carrots, bell pepper, tomatoes, flax crackers, some sort of protein and tonight included a couple scoops of Asian coleslaw…AND my favorite dressing, miso ginger

Yogurt (soy, regular, greek; whatever you like): optional add ins are berries, banana, pumpkin & cinnamon, chia seeds, raw granola, nuts or PB, etc. options are endless

Oatmeal or Quinoa: 1/2 c old fashion oats; optional add ins are apple, berries, nuts or PB, protein powder, cocoa, milk of choice, spoonful yogurt, pumpkin and cinnamon, chia seeds, etc.

So should I have to exist on mix-ups…. it’s obvious there are a lot to choose from. Be creative and find new flavors and ideas. I will start experimenting too and adding some recipes and pictures.

Looking forward to a couple good workouts tomorrow and possibly a mix-up or 2 for fuel 🙂


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