Dominating Overwhelming Muscle Screaming DOMS :-)

Ok, some might know it as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness but as of this AM I have renamed it. I am far from complaining, just stating that I do believe yesterday was a hard BUT GREAT workout. What is DOMS?

DOMS is the soreness often felt 12-48 hours after a workout that generally dissipates within 2-3 days. Thankfully, just in time for another workout 🙂

Dominating Overwhelming Muscle Screaming 😉 is caused by a breakdown of the muscular fibers. The breakdown is actually a positive, as it allows the muscle to strengthen. This is part of an adaption process that leads to greater muscle strength and stamina.

The soreness is also in response from the reinforcement process. Muscles respond to being stressed by reinforcing themselves above their previous strength. The cells swell in their muscle compartment and that puts tension on the nerves which produces soreness.

How to treat this overwhelming soreness (that is causing me to want to not leave the couch ;-))

1. Contrast baths/showers (alternating heat and cold) which will increase circulation

2. Foam roller or massage which will help release toxins and loosen trigger points

3. Hydration. Muscles need water and being hydrated will also flush toxins out of the body

4. A little Aleve won’t hurt either, but ok that with your Dr. (cause I am NOT a Dr.)

Remember that a little soreness is a good thing, means you are getting stronger and muscle are adapting to higher demands. Just listen to your body and remember there is a difference between PAIN and SORENESS. Happy training. 🙂


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