It’s In God’s Hands

Reflections on today’s walk reminded me I am not alone. I have a great family, awesome friends, an amazing medical support team, and most of all I have strength from God.

I have had some scary thoughts, obstacles, and some doubt lately but I frequently remind myself that we are NEVER given more than what we can handle. God hands us challenges in order to strengthen our faith and grow as a person. Sometimes I think I should be about 8 feet tall by now in growth but know that each obstacle reminds me just how much I need to put things back into God’s hands.

Why? Because I myself really am powerless. I can give 100% effort and can keep a super positive, grateful, and motivated outlook but the end result is really in God’s hands not mine.

My faith is what has kept me able to press on, what has enabled me to continue to overcome the obstacles, what has allowed me to run and rise above what has been placed in front. My running is more about Faith and Belief than anything else. And THAT is what allows me to rise above.

Walking today I thought about the last several years, the great times, the scary times, and the times that I wasn’t sure were real. The one constant was the fact that there was a Friend looking out for me from above. He was there, reminded me to keep running forward, and told me to NEVER give up on my dreams whatever they are. There have been times, like currently, that I doubt myself… doubt the future… and doubt my strength but I have to put that all in God’s hands because mine simply are not big enough.

What I do know if that I have been given a special gift. The gift of inspiration and the gift to be able to continue on my path to fulfilling my goals. Life is a really amazing journey. There are so many that don’t get to experience what I have and what I will continue to. So yes, while I am going through a really tough time right now I am so unbelievably grateful for what I do have, the amazing medical team and surgeon that has given me a second chance, and my friends that continue to support and encourage me. Most of all, I want to thank God for the strength, guidance, and love that he provides me each and every day of my life.

Have a wonderful day and remember we are NEVER given more than what we can handle. 🙂


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